Salix liqueur is a new type of wine. Chinese traditional spirits are mixed with jinliu. Focus on the consumption scenes of young people, such as nightclubs,

parties, etc. With the upgrading of consumption, Chinese young people need their own foreign wine. Salix liqueur fills this gap.

The combination of Chinese and Western design creativity is not only in line with the scene of young people,

but also without losing the charm of Chinese tradition.

Salix 塞力格斯酒是一款由川酒集团出品的新型白酒。中国的传统烈酒加入金钱柳调配而成。


中国的年轻人需要一款自己的“洋”酒。salix 致力于填补这一空白。设计创意中西结合,既符合年轻人的场景,又不失中国传统韵味。

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